ACER P5630 DLP 4000 Ansi Lumen 1920*1200 WUXGA HDMI DLP 3D Projeksiyon

Acer P5630 WUXGA 4000lm Projector, LumiSense+ & Bluelight Shield, Multimedia, USB Display for mobile device
  • Breathtakingly crisp WUXGA (1,920x1,200) resolution
  • 4,000 ANSI lumen high brightness
  • Acer LumiSense+ ambient light detection & Bluelight Shield
  • Integrated LAN control network system
  • Easy display over USB cable
  • 2 Yıl garanti

4,000 ANSI lumens for Bright, Clear Images
4,000 lumens high brightness provides the ability to project crystal clear, vibrant images from a long distance on a large screen even in daytime indoors.

WUXGA Resolution Takes You Beyond Full HD
Projector delivers top of the line image quality in breathtakingly crisp 1920x1200 WUXGA resolution. It takes you beyond Full HD and even your most complex concepts will be grasped easily by associates, clients or students.

Expressive Levels of Dynamic Black Contrast
The contrast ratio is up to a whopping 20,000:1. DynamicBlack™ improves image contrast by analyzing onscreen content frame-by-frame and then dynamically adjusting lamp power to optimize black levels. The black can be extremely black and white is brilliant white.

Acer LumiSense+ Ambient Light Detection
Project in either light or dark environments with Acer LumiSense+™ which adjusts the image based on available light. Equipped with an intelligent ambient light sensor, projector can optimize image brightness and color saturation based on ambient lighting conditions. What’s even better, content-aware process also analyzes projected contents frame by frame and dynamically adjusts image visibility to the optimum level.

Give Color a Boost with ColorBoost3D
Acer ColorBoost3D presents true-to-life colors through an optimized 6-segment color-wheel design, advanced lamp illumination technology, and powerful TI image processing. It can reduce brightness decay and color shift while displaying 2D and 3D content through enhancing color brightness, while also compensating color saturation and color temperature.

Immune to Color Decay with Acer ColorSafe II
ColorSafe II technology combines the dynamic RGB control techniques, and advanced projector lamps to extend projector lifespan. The technology prevents yellow hues, the sign of color decay, so even after thousands of hours of usage, projector continues to deliver consistent, natural colors.

Acer Bluelight Shield
Acer Bluelight shield allows users to lower levels of blue light to lessen the negative effects of blue light exposure. There are three levels of filter which suitable for different scenario. Each level also contains dynamic mechanism that optimizes the blue light level based on content color. Bluelight shield can reduces blue light up to 30%.

Multimedia Playback
Be PC-free! Project your images or documents directly from a plugged-in USB drive. No extra device connection is required. Show your ideas fast & easily.

Horizontal & Vertical Keystone Correction
Image distortion sometimes happens when the projector is placed with improper distance or in a wrong position. Finding the right angle for your presentation will come easier with keystone correction which corrects vertical & horizontal distortions.

Four Corner Correction
Adjust distortion from any single corners. Even the projector is not placed in a proper position, the function makes correction process easy and time-saving.

Connect with Wireless - Wireless Projection
Break free from the clutter of wires with easy wireless projection options. With Acer Wireless Projection*, you can connect your device and projector in wireless signal, use your device to view content in a multitude of ways, such as quad view or through mirroring content. 
* Optional Acer wireless adapter is required.
Teknik Özellikler
Çözünürlük1920 * 1200 WUXGA
Işık gücü4.000 - 4.999 Ansi Lumen
Kontrast20.000 - 49.999
Kullanım amacıGenel amaçlı
Projeksiyon mesafesiOrta mesafe
Diğer Özellikler
Stok Kodu210173347
Stok DurumuFiyat Sorunuz
Garanti (Yıl)2

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